Monday Jun 01

Fax Software

The use of fax software to turn a computer into a fax machine is quickly becoming an outdated concept. With the appearance of numerous online fax services, the need for a fax program to turn your PC into a fax machine is becoming a thing of the past. Most computer in this day in age no longer have the appropriate hardware needed to use fax software. Please note that in order to use fax software, your computer must have a fax modem, along with an analog phone line connection (the kind from the 56K modem days). If your computer is old enough to have an actual phone/fax modem, you may still be able to use faxing software. See the links below for software that can be used to turn your computer into an incoming and outgoing fax machine.

Before downloading and using any fax software, you should be certain that your computer has the necessary hardware that is required by all fax programs. All fax programs require your computer to be equipped with an analog fax modem (such as a 56k phone/fax modem), and must be connected to an analog phone line. Cable and VOIP lines are not compatible with PC fax software. Instead of using fax software, we would recommend trying one of the several online fax services - there is no software to install, they come with more features than PC fax software, and most offer 30 days of free faxing. These services are easier and much more convenient to use.

Send a fax without software or hardware 


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