Wednesday Jul 08

Best Fax Software

Best Fax Software: online faxing from your PCIf you prefer not to use an online fax service, there are a few options available for installing software which can be used to turn your PC into and internet faxing machine. Please proceed with caution, however, as most modern computers lack the necessary hardware to send or receive faxes.
Before installing any fax software, please ensure that you meet these minimum requirements. You will not be able to send or receive faxes unless you meet these requirements:
  1. a fax capable modem, such as a 56K modem (yes the ancient ones that you plug your actual phone line into)
  2. a regular landline phone (voip and cable lines will not work for this purpose)
Note: Before going through the hassles of software installation and hardware configuration, we would recommend that you first look into one of the online fax services. There is no hardware requirement, and no software to install. Any computer can begin sending faxes instantly. And since they are offering free trial periods with no obligation to purchase, you can begin sending and receiving free faxes right away.
If you meet the above 2 requirements and would like to use fax software, there are a few good fax software programs available which offer several nice features for receiving and sending faxes:
The above fax software are either shareware or available for a low cost. Please see our free fax software section or free fax trials if you are not looking to spend money at this time. 

Send a fax with no hardware requirements

Alternatively, if you would like to get instant access to free full fax service capabilities without the hassle of software or hardware installations, we recommend trying out one of the convenient online fax services. There is no obligation to purchase and you can get 30 days of free faxing. You will be able to begin sending free faxes right away. There is no software to install, and no hardware requirements.


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