Wednesday Jul 08

Online Fax Review: MetroFax - Cheapest Service for High Quantity Faxing Needs

Do you have high quantity monthly faxing needs? For only $12.95, Metrofax gives you 1000 faxes each month. We have recommended MetroFax because it actually works out to be the most affordable online faxing service if you require more than 300 faxes in a month. Since all online fax service providers will charge you additional usage fees for every fax over your allotted amount, fees can add up very quickly if you go over your limit. In addition to the high quantity of faxes allotted each month, MetroFax also has the lowest per page charge (only 3 cents/page) if you go over your limit. For this reason, we would recommend MetroFax for those who need to do a lot of faxing each month. Sign up for Metrofax and start faxing right away

MetroFax Review Results

Overall Rating
Set Up Fee$10
Number of Faxes1000 (incoming or outgoing)
Additional Pages3 cents/page
Local NumberFree
Toll Free Number$2.00/month
BBB RatingA+
Free TrialNone
Pros:If you have high quantity faxing needs Metrofax actually works out to be the cheapest plan. You'll get the most faxes compared to others in the same price range.
Cons: Not as many bells and whistles as other services, but great for basic faxing needs - it only supports email to fax, and doesn't support faxing directly from within Office applications such as Word.
Sign up for Metrofax and start faxing right now.
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