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Online Fax Review: SaveOnFaxes - Most Affordable for Average Users

Looking for the most affordable online fax service? Then SaveOnFaxes is here to save the day. As their name implies, SaveOnFaxes has set out to keep monthly charges to a bare minimum. This is the perfect solution for those who only need to send a fax or 2 each day (up to 50 per month). SaveOnFaxes is the most affordable internet fax service we could find. Starting at only $3.95/per month, they are hands down the cheapest service for typical users requiring basic faxing needs. You won't find as many bells and whistles as some of the other providers, but all of the necessities are provided, including incoming/outgoing fax capabilities, fax by email, and a choice of local or toll free fax numbers.

Additional SaveOnFaxes Information

SaveOnFaxes Review Results

Save on Faxes
Overall Rating
Number of Faxes50
Additional Pages12 cents/page
Local NumberFree
Toll Free NumberFree
BBB RatingNo Rating
Free Trial30 days
Pros:The most inexpensive plan overall of all those reviewed. Perfect if you only have a few faxes to send/receive each month.
Cons: Not as many bells and whistles as other services, but great for basic faxing needs - it only supports email to fax, and doesn't support faxing directly from within Office applications such as Word.

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