Internet Fax Reviews: Side by Side Comparison of Online Fax Services

RingCentral Fax Nextiva FAX MyFax MetroFax FaxBetter eFax RapidFax
Base Price: $7.99 $4.95 $10.00 $12.95 $5.95 $14.13 $9.95
Fax Pages each Month: 300 500 300 (200 incoming, 100 outgoing) 1000 500 160 (130 incoming, 30 outgoing) 300
Additional Pages: 5.9 cents 3 cents 10 cents 3 cents 6 cents 15 cents 8 cents
Fax to Email: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MS Office Integration: Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Free Trial*: RingCentral Free Trial Nextiva Free Trial MyFax Free Trial No FaxBetter Free Trial No Yes
Setup Fee: None None None Yes No Yes No
Summary: Best User Interface - Most Customer Friendly Most Affordable with Advanced Features Most Specialty Features Cheapest Plan for High Quantity Faxing Needs Offers a completely free plan for outgoing faxes only. Excessive User Complaints, Fewer Features
Bad BBB Rating, Fewer Features
Overall Rating:
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Ring Cental Review Nextiva Review MyFax Review Metrofax Review
Efax Review Rapidfax Review
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* Free trial offer includes the ability to send and receive faxes entirely free.

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Summary of online fax service reviews

Internet Fax Reviews: Online Fax Services Compared Our internet fax reviews revealed that RingCentral had the best balance of features and price, which is why it earned the "Best Overall Value" rating. SaveOnFaxes stood out as the most affordable plan for typical users, who only need a small number of internet faxes each month. On the other hand, for those who need a high quantity of web faxing each month, Metrofax comes out to be the most economical online fax service. MyFax has a lot of nice specialty features, and is well worth consideration if you enjoy lots of bells and whistles including support for a multitude of file types and other software integration support. Fax via email (email fax) is supported by all of the above services. Read more about our recommended internet fax services.

The Losers:

We do not recommend eFax or RapidFAX. eFax has become notorious for bad customer experience and low quality service. In fact, conducting a Google search for "efax complaints" yields pages of results of dis-satisfied customers. The BBB also has hundreds of complaints on file for eFax. Similarly, RapidFAX has a bad BBB rating, and we came across many similar complaints as eFax. We later came to find out that RapidFAX is actually owned by eFax, so in hindsight, this comes as no surprise. CallWave, while not a bad service, just doesn't offer as many features or price value compared to other competitors, so we gave it a middle of the road rating. 

Which internet fax service is right for you?

Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the best internet fax service for you.
  • Are you looking for an all around good balance of price, features, and generous monthly fax limits?

    RingCentral Fax RingCentral has been rated as "best overall value" for many years in a row.

  • Do you need a fax service which has a great price with premium features?

    Nextiva is the most affordable service that offers many of the advanced features of online fax services.

  • Do you need a computer faxing service that provides the most bells and whistles, and supports the most numerous file types and software integration?

    MyFax offers many premium features which aren't available from the other fax services.

  • Do you fax very infrequently? Do you simply need a basic internet faxing service to send and receive a few faxes each month?

    SaveOnFaxes is the least expensive internet fax service available, and offers basic web faxing services for those with infrequent faxing needs.

  • Do you have high quantity faxing needs?

    MetroFax is the most economical fax service for people who need to send a large quantity of faxes each month.

Free online fax services: 30 day free trials

Get 30 days of free online fax service. The following online faxing companies are offering special promotional deals. Sign up and begin online faxing immediately. You will get 30 full days of no obligation free online fax access right away, with your choice of a local or toll free fax number.
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