Wednesday Jul 08 now offering free fax services?

drop.ioWell, sort of. Drop.IO offers a free document transfer/sharing service using the concept of a drop box. Basically, you sign up for a "drop" (which is essentially a some file storage space) and you can place documents and images there to securely share with others. The methods in which you can place or "drop" your content include file upload, email, phone and fax. They have also created integration with Facebook and Twitter, and have built a drag/drop Firefox extension as well. While it is somewhat easy to send a fax using Drop.Io, it is actually rather cumbersome to receive an incoming fax. In fact, the process of receiving a fax is hindered by the fact that you are first required to email a custom cover page to the person who wishes to send you a fax.'s true purpose is for file sharing and document transfer, and fax just happens to one of its transfer methods. It's not necessarily intended to act as a fax service. Read more about it at Recieve free fax? Yes, but you must send a custom coversheet to the person sending you a fax. Not convenient at all. Not intended for professional faxing. Send free fax? No, to send faxes, you must be a premium member, which costs $10/GB of use.