Wednesday Jul 08

Free web faxing with FaxZero: Get 2 free faxes

FaxZero Free Fax Service - 2 free faxesFaxZero will let you send 2 faxes for free (3 page max). Just note that the faxes you send will contain advertising on the cover page, so your recipient will be spammed with an ad when they receive your fax. Additional faxes will cost $1.99 per fax. If you simply need a way to send a non-commercial personal fax, this is an ok option. If you want to send a professional fax, I would recommend using one of the highly rated internet fax services. They offer 30 days of free faxing, and are extremely cheap, if you continue to use their services after 30 days. FaxZero's $1.99 charge actually works out to be rather expensive, once you consider that there are some online fax services that offer unlimited faxing starting at $3.95 per month. Get 2 free faxes at faxZero. Get 30 days of free online faxing instead.