Wednesday Jul 08


Free faxing with no credit card required 

Hate having to pay a monthly fee? Need a way to send free faxes right away without having to use a credit card to sign up?

PamFax is an online fax service that offers a way to send faxes without having to sign up for a month by month service. You can choose to pay only for each fax you send. With faxes costing only 12 cents per page, this is a a good option for people who only need to send faxes very, very occasionally. 

 Need to send 3 pages or less right now? PamFax has you covered:

Sign up now, and get 3 free pages faxed for absolutely free. No monthly charges. No credit card required.  Then if you ever need to fax a document again, say later this month or year, you will already be signed up and ready to go.

PamFax lets you send a fax for free, without the hassles of limited trials or monthly strings attached.  

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