Wednesday Jul 08

Free Internet Fax Services: A Dying Breed

online faxingAlmost all free fax services that once existed have long died out. They have since been replaced by full-service online fax companies which now offer no obligation free trial periods (usually 30 full days) after which time they will charge very reasonable low monthly fees. These new online fax companies are almost always a better option than any of the few free fax services that were once available. The fax services that were once free had very, very limited features, such as text only faxing to an email address. Other problems were that you would only be allowed to send or receive faxes in one direction, and they included advertisements within your faxes. These free fax services were not intended to be used for anything professional. The passing of these free fax services gave birth to a new breed of professional online fax service providers who offer incredibly feature rich options for very low prices. Almost all of them offer 30 days of free faxing, and monthly programs start as low as $3.00/month. So, while the new internet fax services are no longer free, they are very very cheap, and are packed with feature rich bells and whistles that make them worth every dime.

Pitfalls with the Old Free Internet Fax Services

  • Very limited features
  • Fax will only be delivered to an email address instead of a physical fax machine (not a true fax)
  • Faxes can only be received but not sent (or vice-versa)
  • They contain advertisements so your recipient gets spammed
  • The faxes leave an unprofessional impression - only suitable for personal use

Benefits of the new Online Fax Services (30 Days of Free Faxing)

  • 30 days of free faxing - no obligations to continue after 30 days
  • If you continue using after 30 days, prices are very cheap and affordable (starting at only $3.00 per month)
  • Some offer unlimited faxing for a monthly fee
  • Others offer very low per-use fees if you don't want a monthly membership
  • Free Trials: Get 30 days of free faxing with no obligation to purchase
If you are looking for some limited service fax functionality, and do not need it for any type of professional purpose, you might be interested in one of the following free fax options.

Free internet fax services

  Please note that the above free fax services are extremely limited in functionality, and do not fulfill typical online faxing needs. We would recommend looking into a 30 day free trial from one of the full-service internet fax companies.
Get 30 days of free faxing with a premium online fax service.
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